Case Studies

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We believe the proposed factory will have a devastating impact on local businesses, leading to a loss of both jobs and income.  No-one wants to stay in a B&B next to an enormous factory processing dead animals or get married in a village that stinks of rotting carcasses. We do not want to see the Norton Disney junction on the A46 become a danger to drivers and an accident black-spot (or hear of any more tragic deaths).

Below is a list of the businesses, immediately local or otherwise who have positioned themselves in opposition to the proposed plans to develop Villa Farm into an industrial site.

Click on their name to view their position statement regarding the proposed development.

Potterhill Farm, Swinderby 

Hill Holt Wood, Norton Disney

Oakhill Leisure, Norton Disney – Case study

Oakridge Quarter Horses Ltd, Collingham

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Halfway Home Dog Rescue, Collingham


Newark Showground

sacred garden yoga

Sacred Garden Yoga, Collingham

old chandlery

Old Chandlery Apartments, Collingham


Elk Motorsport, Coddington

Lost Village Festival, Norton Disney


 Witham Valley Care Group, Norton Group


If you would like to read more about Barbastelle Bats, one of the UK’s rarest mammals, click here. These lovely creatures are known to live in and around Hill Holt Wood which is only 250m from the proposed development site. Not only that, but 10 other species of native bat and numerous other wildlife whose existence locally will be severely impacted by having a waste processing facility as a neighbour, with its 24/7 lighting and operation interrupting establish flight paths.