Our Work to Date

In November 2017, the local community came together over shared concerns for their homes, businesses and livelihoods. Since then we have stood and worked together to make sure our voices are heard. You can see a full summary of our work to date in this deck

Villa Farm at Norton Disney, captured by Florence Bauer – January 2018

Submission of e-Petition with over 3500 signatures to Lincolnshire County Council

In November 2017, an e-petition was created to represent the immediate reaction of the community to Lincoln Proteins’ announcement. In less than two weeks, more than 3000 signatures had been penned by Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire residents appalled at the potential impact on local businesses and residents, located from just 500m away from the proposed site.

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Presentation to Lincolnshire County Councillors, 15th December 2017

The Witham Valley PPG outlined their major concerns with the proposed Animal Rendering Factory to a full assembly of County Councillors during their Council Meeting in December 2017. You can watch the five-minute presentation on YouTube (skip to 9 mins 40 secs) or view the document here.

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Peaceful Demonstration March, 30th December 2017


On Saturday 30th December, the WVPPG hosted a peaceful demonstration walk from Villa Farm to Norton Disney village. Attended by over 400 people including families with children on bikes, trikes and ponies, it was a clear attestation to the strength of feeling in the community. Local residents and small business owners continue to have deep-seated concerns and feel they are not being given full or accurate information by Lincoln Proteins Ltd. 

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Launch of new e-Petition ‘Save the Norton Disney Roman Villa’ for submission to Lincolnshire County Council – January 2018

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In January 2018, a second e-petition was launched to protect the 1st to 4th century Roman Villa situated yards from the front door of Villa Farm, finds from which are displayed at “The Collection” in Lincoln and Newark’s Civil War  museum. Although the Roman Villa has statutory protection as a National Heritage site, Roman Villas were not single buildings – rather a complex of buildings, temples and cemeteries. It is highly likely that further buildings lie in part or whole beneath Villa Farm (read more at Richard Parker’s blog). If the proposed factory goes ahead, it will destroy these archaeological remains forever.

We do not believe Lincoln Proteins Ltd has shown any reverence or archaeological sensitivity to the site and indicated at the Norton Disney Exhibition that they may use Abbey Field to spread waste slurry. This development potentially threatens to destroy important and irreplaceable heritage and Villa Farm, as a Roman Villa site, should be given the full legal protection (as an Scheduled Ancient Monument) as the Villa itself has.


Live Discussion on BBC Radio Lincs Breakfast Show with Scott Dalton, 9th January 2018.

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Listen here at 2hr 06 mins 18 secs.

Further to the huge attendance at the Protest March, BBC Radio Lincolnshire invited the WVPPG on to their Breakfast Show to discuss the proposed factory live. Preceded by a feature on the “Smelly Skelly” site, Joe & Oli touched on some of the main concerns of the WVPGG and the 10,000 residents who would be directly impacted if the plant goes ahead.


You will also see our banners and signs displayed outside many residential houses and businesses, as a show of support for our opposition to the Rendering Factory.


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