How to object: Rare Bat population

We are encouraging you to object on many different grounds that can be taken as valid by the planning teams involved. If you feel closely connected to one or all of the following points please feel free to include the reason (must be in your OWN WORDS) as part of your objection.

Remember, all adult members of a household can object separately and distance from the proposed facility is not an issue.

Given the current global concern over habitat loss, human intrusion into the natural world and its effects on biodiversity, the proposed development, only 250 meters from Hill Holt Wood, does not adequately represent a plan that is appropriate for a forward-thinking, sustainable and well-balanced society.   The light pollution of the proposed development will seriously affect the bat population and other wildlife in the locality.
Hill Holt Wood is managed by ecological professionals to ensure the woodland maximises beneficial habitat for numerous bat species.  Indeed, it holds large numbers of bats with a diversity of species that is unrivaled in the East Midlands.  It includes all 11 species of bat that might realistically be found in this area. Of particular interest are the colonies of the rare Barbastelle bat, which are at the northernmost edge of its range in the UK. As a consequence of its rarity, Barbastelle bats in particular, are afforded additional protection. The proposed plan has not recognised this. 

To lodge your objection by 23rd April:


Click here; LCC Planning Portal: 


Click ʻFind planning applicationʼ

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Search under the planning reference number ‘PL/0012/21’ (you’ll need to click on the ref number again on the next page)


Click the green button ‘Comment On This Application’ and be sure to click ‘OBJECTION’ on the drop down menu


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-OR- you can email with your Name, Address, Ref No (PL/0012/21 Villa Farm, Norton Disney) and Objection Reason to: