How to object: Heritage

We are encouraging you to object on many different grounds that can be taken as valid by the planning teams involved. If you feel closely connected to one or all of the following points please feel free to include the reason (must be in your OWN WORDS) as part of your objection.

Remember, all adult members of a household can object separately and distance from the proposed facility is not an issue.

Heritage objections center around the harm to the historic environment both surrounding Villa Farm site and within it. The rendering plant development is within 10 meters of Roman Villa, a scheduled ancient monument, making it of national importance. It is also surrounded by significant Iron Age archaeological features at Brills Farm and Gallows Nooking Common which is besides the A46. Plus the Villa Farm site has evidence of an Iron Age settlement and a Roman Road which would be destroyed by this development. National and local planning guidance states the setting of the Roman Villa and its surrounding Iron Age archaeology should be protected, and if anything enhanced. Building a giant industrial plant in the middle of a large ancient landscape goes against all planning guidance by it’s significant harm to the historic environment.

To lodge your objection by 23rd April:


Click here; LCC Planning Portal: 


Click ʻFind planning applicationʼ
Agree to the Ts & Cs.
Search under the planning reference number ‘PL/0012/21’ (you’ll need to click on the ref number again on the next page)


Click the green button ‘Comment On This Application’ and be sure to click ‘OBJECTION’ on the drop down menu


Name + your Address
(1 application per person)
Every adult in your home can make this submission under the same address

-OR- you can email with your Name, Address, Ref No (PL/0012/21 Villa Farm, Norton Disney) and Objection Reason to: