Plan rejected – New submission

Many of you will know that the 2019/20 application for planning permission to build a rendering plant at the site of Villa Farm in Norton Disney was rejected by Lincolnshire County Council in February 2021 by a unanimous vote. Since that time the applicant, Lincoln Proteins has been busy trying to find a creative way to make the same application ‘fit’ on the site by reducing its size, adding some picnic benches and a display board to take advantage of the local attractions such as the newly extended site of the original roman Villa and the upcoming Bomber Gateway Structure “On freedoms wings”.

It was perhaps inevitable that they would not be put off by local level decision making and as such have submitted plans for a smaller facility, with a smaller chimney but dealing with category 3 animal waste to create by-products. Unfortunately for them, no tweaking of the application has addressed any of the main reasons for it being unsuitable for the location, namely:

Impact on heritage of national importance

Improper development in open countryside

Negative effect on local endangered Bat population

Negative impact on national mineral supplies

Negative impact on the landscape

With this in mind the volunteers of WVPPG have been making sure we are ready to object to this proposal in the same way we did the first and we NEED YOUR SUPPORT as well.

Over the next few days we will be helping you to create your own objection to the plan and provide instructions on how to submit it to the council for consideration. If you objected last time you will probably have received a letter informing you of the new application and this will help towards your objection.

Stay posted to this and our Facebook page for more updates imminently.